Planning to visit Isla Pandan? Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the island.

How do I get to Isla Pandan?
Isla Pandan is located in Honda Bay, Puerto Princesa. From Puerto Princesa City, take land transfers going to Sta. Lourdes wharf. Once there, take a 30-minute boat ride going to Isla Pandan.

Can I stay overnight in Isla Pandan?
We only offer day tours in Isla Pandan at the moment. Developments are underway to provide overnight accommodations to resort guests in the near future. Be sure to check back on our website or social media page for updates regarding this.

What’s the best time of year to visit Isla Pandan?
The Philippines enjoys a tropical climate with two seasons: dry and rainy. Dry season, which spans from late November until May, is the most ideal time to visit Palawan and enjoy the beach in Isla Pandan.

How are transfers organized?
You can make arrangements through Legendary Tours. Log on for more information.

How can I make a reservation directly with the resort?
You can send us an inquiry using the form on our “Book Now” section and filling out the online reservation form. You may also call our Central Reservations Office at +63 2 702-2700 to 04 and +63 917-7022700 or email us at [email protected]

Is first aid available in the island?
Yes, we have first aid in Isla Pandan and our resort staff are adequately trained to handle emergency situations.

What are the popular activities in the Island?
The popular activities in the island include kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, reef gliding, introductory diving, and snorkeling. For the thrillseekers, there’s a floating blob in Isla Pandan that provides an exhilarating rush for thrillseekers looking for a different kind of fun. Do check our “Amenities” page to see photos of our water blob.

Can I go snorkeling around the island? Where can I get snorkeling equipment?
There are designated areas around the island for snorkeling and diving. You can opt to bring your own snorkeling and diving equipment. For those who do not have their own, we have diving gear and equipment available for rent.

What other amenities are provided by Isla Pandan?
Isla Pandan offers bath and changing facilities, wooden cabanas for groups and families,  and a beach bar that serves refreshments. For those who wish to relax and unwind, the resort also provides on-site beach massage services.

Can we bring outside food or drinks?
We’re sorry, no outside food or drinks are allowed. We offer food choices and beverages in the resort. A lunch buffet on the island is included in our tour package.

Which methods of payment are acceptable?
Customers and guests can pay through cash or credit card when making there reservation. There is no credit card facility yet on the island itself. Hence, only cash transactions are presently available.

Is there a refund policy?
There is a refund policy in cases of force majeure, extreme natural calamities (e.g. tropical storms, typhoons) and unforeseen events (e.g. unavailability of transportation). Please feel free to inquire about our refund mechanics with our tour operator.



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Isla Pandan, Honda Bay, Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines

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